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  1. I am admin but I heard no sound and get no message when someone uses the panel. Is there any to get the server to email out the message or put it in a separate log? And where exactly would I read the messages from? Is there like a message waiting button?
  2. Hello. I searched the forums for this but was unable to find it. In my server when I type /report, I get a box that allows users to ask questions. Where exactly do these files go when submitted? Any information on how this system works or how to configure it would be great, thanks.
  3. We did use the old MTA map editor to get the coordinates of the gates, but thats all.
  4. Vladmo, if you have questions about our scripts, ask us. The people here dont necessarily know how ours work because they were not the ones who made them. We wont give the sctipts to you but we will give you hints.
  5. Hello, I did not know if this would be a client issue or a server issue so im just going to post it here. Is there any way to remotely reboot the server from the console screen? I know how to refresh resources but I want to reboot the entire server. Is this possible?
  6. Hello West Coast Freeroam is currently looking for a full or part time scripter. We offer small prizes for popular scripts. Visit our forum for more information or to contact us. http://forum.westcoastfreeroam.com/index.php?topic=5.0
  7. Hello. With MTA:Race and San Andreas, I was able to run them on a portable harddrive on multiple computers. With the new DM version, it will not allow me to do this because MTA creates a serial in the registry on the computer for which it is installed. Is there a way to bypass this so DM will not save anything in the registry?
  8. and THIS is the solution I see that this file is a .mrc file. How do I run these?
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