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  1. its been recently crashing after i goto or get warped to someone and if i dont do that, it crashes itself someone help me i just want to play and its just started to do this
  2. well it actually came free with a bought server package for DM so its not piracy, but somebody please be in the christmas spirit and help me?
  3. idk if this is the section but im looking for someone who is good at creating vehicle transformations, all i need done is 2 drag racing car wheels like this shown below and a wheelie stand as well as the wheels added to one of the car mods already as seen below Link to download mod http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer ... tentid=685 thank you soooo much to whoever does this and who does, if you want, can have a full registered version of fraps (up to you)
  4. i would recommend the whole server, there is soooo many interesting things in there i dont know why i leave, just so addicting, musta dont somethng special to keep people from going but yes i would recommend all the maps and servers
  5. if theres just 3 people playing it and they have hydras, couldnt they battle it out with each other? thanks for the positive commants everyone, can i have the IP etc for the server you put it on? thanks
  6. what i might do is change what the harvesters drive on instead of buildings with pointy edges
  7. ~~SHOWDOWN ZONE~~ 3 PLAYERS WILL SPAWN HYDRAS and i bet ur gonna guess what they gon do
  8. well i made my first map today! its a sumo map which is up in the air and you drive combine harvesters and knock the other players off the edge, there are bombs and nitro for you too please refrain from hate and i advise you if you download it, test it in map editor to see if its right for you On behalf of Ram n Mod Freeroam server, i would like to thank TheDeepFriedBoot for giving me the idea of the harvester instead of a dumper Creator: [sRC]ElJaco Map's Future Home: Ram N Mod Freeroam Server [x-serverz.com] IP: Servers Site: http://ramfreeroam.x-serverz.com http://files.filefront.com/harvester+su ... einfo.html
  9. ok, the guys @ gta came to you and said you can either have MTA: DM, or GTA IV. you could only have one of the selection and therefore the other option you didnt pick would never be released, what would you pick? i'd pick GTA IV
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