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  1. OK ill try this and yeah i guess i do have teams
  2. well you say you cant help me anymore without giving me the answers. While im trying t understandwhat you are telling me and doing to the gm. So it wont waste your time you know.......
  3. lol I shouldnt even have tried.Nvm just forget it. i wont get the scripting
  4. Like i said ive already created two teams 50p but now i want to know how to add players,sking and stuff color etc.. when i start the mode and i press tab it shows my team but the problem is it dont assign players to the teams or color. So i added spawns like player and skin spawn in the map file and cars.
  5. oh ok,you should make a bank in lsor can you easily edit where to put then bank or banks at ?
  6. Dude, have you ever done something yourself? Wiki waits "with hands wide open", if this is your first programming language then I'd suggest read documentation first: http://www.lua.org/ When you don't understand anything from that (just like my first time), take a rest, eat something (prefere sweets) and come back to it, that should help since sugar raise your concentration, you'll "pull" knowledge easier. Take a look here and then here, what do you think setPlayerTeam or setTeamColor does? Isn't it self-explained? I think so. Duuuudeeee i have done something my self as a matter of fact ive done the lua file. he just tellin me whats wrong in it and ye i looked at the wiki,and im still looking thru it now. I been reading on the lua website to and i asked him cuase i dont know how or what format them functions go in to. So i think you go eat some candy or sweets and chill out. Go eat a bigazz cake or something. Tma is helping me out with this im trying to understand how to make a gm.
  7. Ok i guess the mode work,when i start it i spawn as cj skin in the middle of the map with an m4. So if i created a team how do i add players to it and skins guns color..etc... heres my [email protected] or if not come in irc
  8. Ok ive already included everything in my map file before and also ill switch those lines and see. When the gm start it should show?
  9. ok so what do you mean by that? Do i put that in my lua game mode file and also how do i add teams and add the skin or player to the team when they suppose to spawn i looked on the wiki for creating teams and spawns and i have them in my gm too. I made two teams in the lua file.
  10. Ok i think that right but i thought you put the spawn and other stuff like that in the .map file. and how do you make it combatible with my mode the syntax and stuff which i dont get,kind of so ill show you the map and thanks for the help tma. Also like ive defined and put player spawn and cars skins etc... in the .map file
  11. OK ive already created a resource or mode as you can say,but the problem is it dont load and i think i have map file I tried doing it like that too but i couldnt get that. I used to do it almost the same way in samp a little simpler. Do you got msn or something else so i can show you? Also ill try to do this and see what happens. pm you email
  12. Ye i looked at some,like for ex i edited the ctv mode the map and mode i think. I went throught the modes to see and read the code but i dont get it....
  13. Yea i been there but not a lot ppl help but if someone can make a tutorial on how to do a gm thats good enough. I just wanna understand how to make one o prolly you can help too
  14. Ok i want to try to make a game mode for my mta server to bring more ppl to mta and stuff. I tried making a gm but it was too hard and i asked for help in irc and said my scripting was written wrong and stuff. I looked on the wikis on the tutorials and everything so i was wondering if some on can make a tutorial for a gamemode here. As this will help mta out hopefully,so if some just give advice on a gm how to make one please
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