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  1. It'd be very useful to have these simple functions implemented: from there we can create our own basic post-processing effects.
  2. May need to embed it in `'s ("ALTER TABLE `?` DROP COLUMN `?`;")
  3. Get the angular velocity and apply it to the other three? That way, if you flip over, they will too.
  4. With anti-cheat; I've always made it so that the serverside value of money sets the player's money (rather than saving the player's money to the serverside variable).
  5. It's because you set class globally; not localized- bitch stole my thunder. :V
  6. - Oh, I know it doesn't save files that weren't added to any resource that's because of the way I open files. - What did you mean by "after trying to change my profile settings"? Your PC profile? And what settings? - MTASE is not stored in registry yet. MTASE supports XML files as well. That was mainly to let users change their map files manually. The MTA SE customize/option dropdown. And rather, I mean being able to select and interpret any file extension as Lua or XML (where, in cases like npcai, the files' extensions aren't strictly ".lua")
  7. A suggestion/feature request: allow opening other file formats (defaultly interpreting it as Lua).
  8. I've been trying to reproduce what causes the glitch inability-to-save glitch. So far; I've noticed: Saving does not work if the file isn't part of a resource. Nor does it show in the SW info bar. It occured after trying to change my profile settings. A reinstall does not fix it. Nor could I find anything in Applications Data. Registry perhaps (though I searched for MTASE in regedit and got nothing)? If saving doesn't work; neither does right-clicking or IntelliSense.
  9. I know something better then google translator! That is school where you can learn English. you're a tosser And I should note that spamming rays is (if it's similiar if not identical to traceline) resource intensive so you shouldn't do it in large quantities constantly.
  10. A useful tool would be an inbuilt CEGUI interface so that we can design GUI out of game.
  11. Possible solution: While MTA:SE was on a seperate partition (Y:\) from Windows, it didn't seem to work. After moving it to my desktop folder, it works.
  12. OS: Windows XP, SP2. Creating a new file seems to work, and it's displayed in the resource browser perfectly. However, saving (nor does the Save As dialogue show up) doesn't work, and it doesn't prompt you to save before exit.
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