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  1. san you must finish it now i know you can do it but you are not layin efforts on it cmooon san finish it!!!!
  2. johankung

    Cheating question

    yes i hope that samp is booring almost al cheats i hope mta dm will be cheat free
  3. sorry lil san i started all >.< i hope you will be reaady soon
  4. i dont mean that it isnt good but it need adjusement but are you going to relesa PRS 1,4 or ?
  5. hope you will be finished because i didnt like PRS 1,3 so much (sorry Scooby) i had some problems with it so im seeing forward to change the script
  6. GRRRRR the map center is closed !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your maps Lr-yoyo i need them to my server
  7. ty it worked (im not good at makin script and that sort of stuff)
  8. can you make tha if admins talk with caps they dont get warnings plz (i mean that if admins talks th caps lock it is ok so they dont get muted)
  9. sorry if i dndt write the answers but now it work but not 100 % lol im root admin in a server with running prs 1,3 but when i try to kick/ban/mute/unmute and that sort of stuf, it dont want to do that and say that my admin lvl i too low or something and im lvl 5 and it writes that when i log in to server and i tried to manually to log in but it was the same fault ? why?
  10. but im not finding a good one oesent anyone have one ?
  11. why do i got this fault i cant use the commands
  12. hi i want only to know if someone here have a upload script for webbsite i want it for people to upload their maps there if anyone have a complete script that i can have can you plz contact me? ty
  13. thanks coz but when i open mirc it try to coneckt itself and noting happens
  14. question 1.how to unban a person if he is banned in the mta files i try to cast away the banned files but ehrn i start the server the fies comes upp agin whit the ip of the banned person question 2.how to add the scripts i downloaded the scripts and the mirc but when i start the mirc it says: conneting to (6667) _ GUS nickname is already in use. _ *disconnected _ *connect retry #2 (6667) and its going on so the whole time and i need the thing in my server plz help!!!!!
  15. when i start the MTA server.EXE to start the erver it writes in thins was _____________________________________ MTA:blue server for MTA:SA ERROR:Admin 1 has no values specified CLOSE:server stoped! press q to shut down the server ______________________________________ before i set any admin the server worked fine but now when i set a admin (me) it write that and i cant start the server help me plz!!!!!!!!
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