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  1. Hi all, First of all, nice work on MTA 0.4, developers. Nice to have some more cars with cop lights and sirenes. Also, it's nice that the aiming is a lot more accurate now. Just making clear: I didnt have VC or MTA 0.x installed anymore, so I had to do a clean and fresh Vice City 1.0 and then MTA 0.4 install. First I got the annoying exception crash bug on launch but I remembered how to fix it (look here: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3842). Two errors I found so far: 1) random crashes while playing (same as it was in the old MTAs), hard to tell when it happens. 2) I can confirm what the initial poster described: the game froze on the first time you select a char (only choic was to hit reboot button). First time not meaning everytime you start up MTA but the first time you started up MTA 0.4 after you installed it. Also, it seems MTA 0.4 slows down (graphical lag, not bandwith lag) once in a while, haven't experienced that on MTA 0.3, not sure if that is a bug or normal due to new code. That results in bumping into something but besides that it's playable (AMD XP 2800+ with ATI Radeon 9600 Pro and a lot of system RAM) for me. Oh, by the way, is it intended that you got whore skins if you play Secret Service sometimes or is that a bug?
  2. Wow, see the good side of losing: you dont get accused. I was able (for the first time) to kill a mexican and a robber with the cop shotgun. One of them called me a cheater! He said he shot at me so many times and I guess he couldnt believe that you can sometimes die in a multiplayer game (what's up with some people who cant ever accept to ever loose once?). The funny thing was that I hit VERY often this time and they hit me once or not at all. Seems the aiming and sync issue decides a lot about whether you're the winner or looser. edit: today I experienced the skin bug again (you choose for example the cop skin but you got the mexican skin on the other computers), I thought that was fixed already?
  3. Which doesnt force you to just discuss that. This board thread should be a discussion about the general balancing of MTA, no matter in what way.
  4. I guess I gotta go on trying then. I just tried it and I always lost against mexican and robber (seems most people pick these characters), guess I am out of luck. Any hints how to kill properly with the cop shotgun?
  5. All right, I did as it was suggested here and read the mentioned board thread. By aiming as it was described I was able to kill a lot more often (though that robber still gives me a hard time with his gun) than ever before. Now I would rather think the weapon selection is slightely unbalanced, however, if you hardly hit anything it is rather a targeting issue in MTA. Slightly unbalanced because the cop's shotgun seems to miss most of the times when I used it (and if it hits, it doesnt do much damage, probably due to the spreaded bullets). Yes, I know, you said in reality cops are underpowered (or something similar you said) but if this game was about reality then there wouldnt be flamethrowers laying around in town. It is just about balancing. Why not change the cop at least? Maybe by taking away the armor and adding a more effective gun than the useless shotgun or so, there are many ways to improve it, I guess.
  6. Exactly that is what I tried to create here: a good discussion about the balancing, getting the developers involved and that way simply asking them "is the weapon balance ok, think it over, isnt it unfair?" if the answer is "yeah everything is fine" (as we read here) then I'll be fine. I will still play the cop at all times, but this time with the feeling "according to the developers, MTA balancing is all right". Though I can't stand that everyone goes for mexican and everyone is driving to the airport to find any action within the city (usually followed by bored mexicans shooting themselves at the spawn point). I will avoid mass jumping though, that is just sooo lame IMO. In any case, thanks for thinking this over, developers, I really wanted to be sure about this. It would be interesting to go on with the discussion, of course. update: I read the posting you suggested (about how to hit people correctly). Maybe you're right and it's not the weapons causing the problem but rather the issue with the server/client sync and aiming story. I guess as a cop I should also avoid the shotgun to limit issues while playing.
  7. Thanks, poll is up. What I don't understand is the answer you wanted me to add. If I understood you correctly then everyone could simply choose the best weapons of each class? Wouldnt everyone take the strongest of each weapons then? Or did you mean to limit the selection to one weapon of your choice?
  8. No, I didnt delete it. How do I make a new one without creating a new thread? What choice did you want to add?
  9. Where did the poll go, moderators? What do the devs say to the balancing issue? It is not just "the other guy is better" if I kill so many with the mexican and its... M60 (minigun, M60, whatever, you get the idea, dont you?).
  10. Hi, Even with the new version coming up I somehow really lost fun playing MTA VC. The reason? I think MTA's game balancing is totally unbalanced. The Mexican has the minigun, a big pistol AND a chainsaw; each a strong weapon for every kind of distance while the cop only has some staff, pistol and a shotgun (which spreads its shot, while the minigun focuses mainly on one spot). Okay, he got a bullet proof but that is no real match for the weaponry of the Mexican. I guess that is why so many choose it. The few choosing the cop or some other character is just because we got attached to it but this doesnt solve the problem since sooner or later you really got enough of this unbalanced combat. Playing the mexican isnt fun either (did that many times) since the game gets too easy then (I was able to kill 4 out of 5 guys usually without dieing in between). Instead of upgrading the cop with more weapons the Mexican should be downgraded by either changing a few weapons or totally take them away. The minigun should not be chooseable by any character. Just like the flamethrower it should be hidden somewhere in town so everyone has theoretically the chance to find and use it but not start with it.
  11. Not to forget those cheaters that suddenly activate some kind of afterburner on their car and they get out of sight within 2 seconds... I felt like chasing Knight Rider when going after the cheater in a police car.
  12. Keep also in mind that the mexican is way too overpowered while the cop is quite underpowered (the little armor does not make it up to the weapon equipment the mexican starts with... you have hardly any chance to kill someone as cop)... I hope the mod will be more balanced in the next version, having a minigun and a chainsaw is way too much. The minigun should be hidden somewhere but not start with it when spawning.
  13. bump (hope a dev reads it, maybe he can reply here a quick confirm?)
  14. He is absolutely right!!! I just downloaded the MTA Installer file and I don't get CRCs anymore! The zip file must be somehow broken! I hope the developers read this!
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