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  1. I would also find this useful and i am interested in learning
  2. I cant pick a exact date, But i think its soon!
  3. {AW}Dmac_91

    A greeting

    Im waiting for MTA DM. MTA OwNz Other SA Multi Player thingys.
  4. For some reason my Sig is not working. In my Profile it says its there but i cant see it. Its a simple text, No Picture.
  5. This happens to me but with only 1 Player and it doesnt happen often. All i do is re-spawn.
  6. Im drolling over MTA Blue. I will post about this on every Forum because im excited so much!!!!
  7. Ok. It doesnt always happen so i thought it was a problem with MTA.
  8. When i try to Join a Server MTA always Freezes on MOTD. After a few Minutes i can Join the Game. Anyone know what the Problem is. Screenshot: [/img]
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