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  1. Krede

    Need A Cola DD

    One of my best maps, Need A Cola DD =D (Yes i know, its big pictures) Download the map here (right click, save destination as)
  2. Krede

    Krede DD

    My little DD map
  3. I think it was in the categori Land masses > Concrete and rock
  4. Hedning? stop drinking! and get a life too
  5. Where do i find letters to the street signs? The big green road signs
  6. How can i get the basic scripts for a server? !kick !ban !freeze !unfreeze !mute !unmute !stats / stat !map !www !admins/admin And news when a player joins.. how can i get that?
  7. If the objects disappear, then load the map again
  8. How to make my own server?
  9. How do i avoid the map is showing the next two checkpoints? I just want it to show one checkpoint [/u]
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