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  1. Darkshadow

    Sync question

    if it was synced it would be fun
  2. have u got any filesharing programs running?
  3. HOW good luck we just changed name
  4. What we do -Clanwars -Just playing on a server -Much more! The games we play GTA:Rumble MTA:SA MTA:VC SA-MP VC-MP Members For an actual member list go to: http://www.dark-brothers.com/index.php?file=Team Servers BrainDamage! MTA Server More info IRC irc.gtanet.com #braindamage Website http://braindamage.eu.tt (GOOD domain name coming soon) On the site you can: -Challenge for clanwar -See the latest news -Write in the forum -Much more!
  5. Clan reopened. Go to our site and fill out recruitment request.
  6. for [db] the old rumble HQs if you remember them and btw, somebody stole the airfield and were gonna fight to get it back. http://www.gtarumble.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=431
  7. Hello, After big succes of our clan [db], i wanted to start something smaller. Like a clan or something like that. Then i saw something about roleplaying, and thats what we need! I made a site, http://www.sa-rp.eu.tt . We have many roles, and were working on a script now. Everybody who wants can participate, even if you are in a clan! The only things is, i need a leader for this! I cant do this, because i dont have time. Who wants to be leader?! (no n00bs please). Info: http://www.sa-rp.eu.tt (if this is gonna be a succes, i will buy .com )
  8. SA-MP server
  9. ye i believe it was you and _proton_ was the co-leader
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