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  1. the same here..exactly the same......thanx for the screenshoy btw
  2. actualy there is someone else with the same error and he/she even has a screenshot of it..but no answer to the problem
  3. ZLY


    actualy i have the sam error...so if u know the solution to that pls tell me
  4. when i start the game it gives me an error wich says:MTA has encountered an unrecoverable error and had to exit.....than it sends some kinde of error report!...but earlyer it sayd somrthing about couldn; finde core dump or somethimg like that
  5. ZLY

    Need help with .exe

    i don't think that thre is a crack or a no cd patch that works with MTA.....i've tried al kinds of cracks and pathches and the MTA client still doesn't accept it...so i guess u should get your CD repaired!
  6. if u tell me how can i finde out....i will finde out and i'll tell u exactly
  7. actualy it won't work even with the original exe......so if i would go and buy it, it still wouldn't work....something else is wrong......something with the internet maybe?!
  8. it requires a crack....whitout it i doesn't work
  9. nope..not original,it's a copy
  10. i managed to get into the client by setting something that i found in the faq.but unfortunatly it still dosn't work.Anyhow...if i would replace my exe could it help .....because i use crack...would it work with a new exe?
  11. still doesn't work!....i'm using a cracked version of VC..could it be because of that???
  12. rl=http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=error9g[uh.jpg][/url][/img]
  13. yei'm usind win XP...well i tryed to install it in another directory but still no results...however thanx....
  14. ok the error:Multi Theft Auto 0.5 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience Location Romania...no noise just the error window..system specs: 2GHz 512 mb RAM..256 Mb ATI RADEON 9550 se....
  15. HELLO,i've just installed MTA v0.5...for VC..and when i start it gives me an error message:Multi Theft Auto has encountered a problem and needs to close........CAN ENYBODY HELP?
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