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  1. My server dont show in server list my freinds cant see it eathier but they get in it with ip and also i host the server on my pc so i need help understanding it plz
  2. Ok i didnt know i couldnt see my own server thanks alot i would have been trying to fix it for long time
  3. Im sorry if im wasteing ur time with this but i need help
  4. Hi Um i got a server but when i run it no one see's it in the list but they can get in can some one tell me wat to do if i need to redo the server or configure some ports?
  5. hey brophy havent seen u in awhile i got banned from ur server and stuff thats been said about me and my freinds is true but i got the real story that happened
  6. 'Billy-Bond' logged in as a member. Billy-Bond: NOW Billy-Bond: admin level 5 Billy-Bond: NWO Billy-Bond: NOW Avenger-Bond: im not giving you admin Yo-Yo: oh crap Billy-Bond: Avenger Yo-Yo: *gulp Avenger-Bond: your just gonna ban josh for no reason Yo-Yo: cya Billy-Bond: Want to be kicked from bond? Billy-Bond: Josh is a fucking loser and can't fucking cooperate with the rules. Avenger-Bond: ooo wow your threating me now? Billy-Bond: He doesn't fucking deserve to be in here. Billy-Bond: Avenger Billy-Bond: Either you give me admin powers Billy-Bond: Or I tell marty Avenger-Bond: tell him what Avenger-Bond: that your gonna ban josh for no reason Billy-Bond: Ok Billy-Bond: I will Billy-Bond: He hates him too Billy-Bond: Avenger Billy-Bond: Just wait Billy-Bond: I'll get james. Avenger-Bond: to do what Billy-Bond: Lol Weather Changed: Sun Billy-Bond: He doesn't want Josh playing on any bond server. Billy-Bond: And this, is a bond server. Billy-Bond: Either you ban him, Or james get's outraged at you. Billy-Bond: And james doesn't like having to take action Avenger-Bond: how about he hasnt done anything to me Avenger-Bond: and thats just abuse Billy-Bond: Avenger Billy-Bond: You need to take action Billy-Bond: This isn't even your server Billy-Bond: It's your scripts Billy-Bond: But not your server Avenger-Bond: your point Billy-Bond: My Point? Billy-Bond: I'm fucking leader Billy-Bond: A fucking leader Billy-Bond: No offense Marty-Bond: ban who Avenger-Bond: im just saying josh has done nothing to this server Avenger-Bond: so im not baning him Marty-Bond: !ban jo Disconnected: You are banned p.s if u want his ip for being a lier just add [email protected] for it
  7. and also i dont cheat or hack that was a bunch of lies billy wrote himself and if u listen to him and bann me u will be them
  8. just to let every one noe that if u kill 1 of there admins they bann u and i think mta moderators should noe wat they do and check it out no lies i killed a admin with 500 k on him and they bann me
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