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  1. GTA:SA and MTA:SA Server works fine, as do most games, but I cant play MTA:SA on Vista. I have Full version (not beta) Win Vista Ultimate (dont ask how I got it) This is the error message:
  2. And dont forget to remove the "#" (I think he gets it now)
  3. In that case, remove "Irak" too, those poor people gets blown up by mines. Do we really want the map comunity to be censored? If you dont like the map, vote on it.
  4. So basicly its CTF with only one "flag"? Sure, would be cool.
  5. Remove the # in front of "Admin KaMiKaZe 1234 5"
  6. I used to download with RSS, but now I have a ftp program downloading maps from my servers homepage. That way the players on my server can have theyre maps added to the server automaticly so they dont have to bug me to download maps for them
  7. I could imagine a threeway gang war. LS vs SF vs LV Would require alot of players though.
  8. yonaz

    help plz

    The "multi play thing" is a mod made by some dedicated people for free.
  9. You can vote with the numpad keys, then you dont change camera.
  10. Obviously its youre comp then. Format harddrive and reinstall windows and the game, that may help.
  11. Unfortunately that doesent work, if all players die they hace to wait for the maps timelimitwithout even having anyone to spectate on
  12. yonaz


    I got about 300 maps on my server, checking and edit them all would take forever.
  13. yonaz


    I run a server and I agree, respawn should be disabled by default. And as far as I know you cant make it so in the server config. If you set the default respawn time as high as the map timelimit everybody might die andhave to watch nothingness untill the maps timelimit hits
  14. Hi, I run my own server and there is a couple of thing that bug me with v1.1 and v1.1.1 1. It seems you cant make respawn disabled by default in server config, you can only set the respawn-time. I dont like it that all maps have respawn by default, some maps get messed up, if they dont have specified respawn settings they werent made with respawn in mind. 2. When a race is finnished and you change map manually ("rcon startrace" if youre admin) the map nomination pops up and ends the race you just started. 3. When I type "races" in the console i only get 54 maps in the list even though I have almost 300 maps total. Annoying issues for server admins that should be easy to fix I imagine. Its a great mod other than that ^^
  15. Dont know if its the same but i get to the Nvidia logo and then nothing happens. But if I press tab the menu loads properly.
  16. They get downloaded. The RSS Downloader cant tell what version they are so it downloads them again just to make sure you have the latest version.
  17. I have the exact same problem. Unrated maps gets downloaded wich means my server gets full of crappy maps none have rated yet. I think I wont use the RSS map downloader until its fixed, I have plenty of maps anyway... Its just a shame because other than that the downloader is pure genius
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