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  1. Come on over to Punks Public RPG+DM... Its fun! with all new exciting commands noone has! Come on over and try it out for your self! Bring a friend! Bring two friends! BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS! better hurry though! Theres only 12 Spots available! MTA:VC [uW]Punk
  2. but is that available for mta mirc commands?
  3. i cannot understand any of that code! Its annyoing to look at and go "What... the...helll....?" cuz i cant understand a single line! All i need is the part that thinks... If they arent where they are supposed to be, FIRED. bada bing, bada boom. I tried using aliases to help me, >.< no luck. i tried a smaller one, like to test to see if it would work and it dont.... it would do like, .timer 0 10 woot } alias woot { if ($mta.area($1,$2) != $readini(----)) { mta.slap $1 $2 } } nothing.
  4. well idk if it helps much, but so you know, i am trying to make a custom jobs script, but i am having a hard time with it. I have the format to setup multiple jobs, via .ini, but i cannot make sure that if they are on a job, they stay in their job area assigned. HElp.
  5. holy crap... i didnt even know of $ticks. Thanks! Also, would this work? while( $mta.area($1,$2) == Sunshine_Autos) { } else { } or are else's not affiliated with whiles?
  6. Okay, i found out my problem. Heres the scenario... I have many many issues with windows, which makes my machine frequently crash. To prevent loss of data, i made a "D:\" format. This has my mIRC on it. When i moved my files onto my disk drive or c:\, the vcpdata.txt was in there.So when i ran the script D:\, there was no vcpdata.txt in that folder with mirc. so it couldnt find it... too many dupicatates.... i thot it was a recurring error i had previously. ok so thats one problem solved... My next question is ... lets say i want a person to stay in a certain area for, lets say, 5 minutes.... For example, Sunshine Autos, How would i go about doing that...? this confuses me.
  7. ook... anyways.... i am having issues with places commands. the following doesnt read its location its supposed to. HELP! if ($3 == !place) { var %a = $mta.area($1,$2) if (%a == Vice-City) { mta.msg $1 $2 There is no property at your current location } else { mta.say $1 %a --- Owner: $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner) --- Price: $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1) } } Ok, so you guys know, its in brackets correctly and everything, just keeps bringing back this... Sunshine_Autos --- Owner: --- Price: 1 Which is like, not even close. The vcpdata.txt shows this... [sunshine_Autos] Owner=FOR SALE Price=100000 Please help.
  8. i feel so n00bish cuz i dont know this i should know this but what is the mrc, function? idk what its called for id's. like for cars it $mta.vehicle($1,$2) and health it $mta.health($1,$2) etc etc. How do i do Player id's? HELP!
  9. ok you scripters needing a challenge or just a task, i need a "Nuke" script. for instance its like a car bomb script but for places. you buy a nuke at the military base for 10,000,000 or whatever... then type !nuke and it kills everyone in that area.. if sumone can help me id greatly appreciate it.. also, simple script would also be appreciated. eg: if ($3 == !skin) { if ($4 == $null) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$mta.findid($1,$2)) - Skin: %b } else { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$mta.findid($1,$4)) - Skin: %c } } if ($3 == !forums) { mta.say $1 Be sure to visit http://urbanwarriors.7.forumer.com } if ($3 == !showroom && $mta.level($1,$2) == 5) { mta.msg $1 $2 Sunshine Autos: $readini(RPG2.txt, Cash, Showroom) } and not like this... } alias rpg.clanscan { var %a = 0,%b,%b,%d while %a < $mta.maxplayers($1) { if $rpg.isclan($1,%a) == $true { var %b = 0,%c = 1 while %b < $mta.maxplayers($1) { if $rpg.isclan($1,%b) == $true && $mta.name($1,%b) != $mta.name($1,%a) && $rpg.clan($1,%a) == $rpg.clan($1,%b) { !inc %c } !inc %b } if %d { %d = %d $+ , $rpg.clan($1,%a) $+ ( $+ %c $+ ) } else %d = $rpg.clan($1,%a) $+ ( $+ %c $+ ) } !inc %a } if %d { !return %d } else !return None } thanks.
  10. sry toucan, i dont understand the clips like $gettok(% [ $+ [ $1 ] ],1,32)) + $ticks - to confusing... BUT... I did fix my script... the author forgot var %a = $mta.area($1,$2) in several areas, not just this chunk.. i detected it all on my own
  11. ooohhh ook i get it.. i think. Sorry bout that.
  12. you could of just opened up your mta.data.ini and changed the name from Sunshine-Autos to Sunshine-Autos-Mainland-Vice-City or w/e but that works.
  13. ok i dont get this... i setup the information in my ini to make a place, buyable, and sellable. when i try to buy it it says " bought the 1 for 1." i think i may have a !buyplace code error. I didnt write this but here it is... Please let me know. var %a = $iif($4,$iif($mta.name($1,$4) != Unknown,$4,$mta.getid($1,$4)),$2) if ($3 == !buyplace) { if ($mta.area($1,$2) == Vice-City) { mta.msg $1 $2 There is no property here that you can purchase } else { if $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner) = $mta.name($1,$2) { mta.msg $1 $2 You already own this property } else { if ( $readini(RPG2.txt, Cash, $mta.name($1,$2)) > $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1) ) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) purchased the %a for $ $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1) writeini "vcpdata.txt" Properties $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner) $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, Properties, $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner)) - 1) writeini "RPG2.txt" Cash $mta.name($1,$2) $calc($readini(RPG2.txt, Cash, $mta.name($1,$2)) - $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1)) writeini "RPG2.txt" Cash $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner) $calc($readini(RPG2.txt, Cash, $readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Owner)) + $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1)) writeini "vcpdata.txt" Properties $mta.name($1,$2) $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, Properties, $mta.name($1,$2)) + 1) writeini "vcpdata.txt" %a Owner $mta.name($1,$2) writeini "vcpdata.txt" %a Price $calc($readini(vcpdata.txt, %a, Price) + 1) } else { mta.msg $1 $2 Not enough Money. } } } } I greatly Appreciate it.
  14. thanks for all the help guys, but i got it working fine now thanks.
  15. ok yeah ive had it fixed already thanks for the input.
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