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  1. thanks for keeping the community posted, keep it up
  2. hmmm...parachute fails to open......SPLAT!
  3. i think its "that time of the month" for billy
  4. I have witnessed what stewie can do, hes been banned from many servers, he also hacks many clan sites. Someone tried reporting him to his isp but nothing ever became of it.
  5. i like oysters idea, although hes in SASP with me so i have to like it
  6. Will we have the whole map in mtasa or will be it be split?
  7. lenocop

    you would think

    id love to have the full map
  8. lenocop

    New vehicle

    i wonder if theyll be in mtasa
  9. Id like to see the packer or the tow truck in there to haul cars
  10. yeah, well first of all i apologize for that 2nd of all our server is no longer RPG its dm, so feel free to do whatever u want, the rpg thing was just not working out for obivous reasons
  11. VCPD Now Offers a security/bodyguard/hitman service, if anyone needs a job u can visit our site at http://vicecitypd.tripod.com or if u need our services we can arrange that aswell
  12. who was the cop? or what did his name start with?
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