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  1. Download (Github) https://github.com/gta191977649/MTASA-SkyGfx Note: the resource updates frequently, please always check the github for the latest verion SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2, any semblance to the actual sky is purely accidental) brings accurate PS2 and Xbox graphics to the PC version of San Andreas, Vice City and III. if you enjoy vanilla San Andreas graphic, this mod is essential to have. to learn more about it from the original author (AAP), please see here. Now i will straight go through the documentation. Screenshots The Thanks List ren712 - for shaders & coronas help aap - for the original work & renderware engine help What have done or working in progress? Not Start yet/ not invesgate ? Partically Works Done & Fully Supported Pre-request Library Timecyc Parser Rendering the timecyc interpolation directly from timecyc.dat, interpretation algorithm conveted from librwgta. custom_coronas For rendering the classicFX, like VC style vehicle big headlight, trail light effect. DGS - (Optional) for the debugTools, But you're need dgs to work, i just a bit lazy with gui things Features Postfx Trails(Blur) - blurLeft,blurTop,blurRight,blurBottom works! Radiosity - Color Filter - ? PS2 PC Mobile - Night Version Goggles - Infrared Goggles - Building Pipeline SimplePS - BuildingVS - ? partially, some engine data requires to work, still working on that BuildingVSFX - For model with specular lighting property Not even start yet Vehicle Pipeline PS2 Pipeline - Done, you happy? Xbox Pipeline - ? Only specular lighting works. Pipeline tweaks radiosityFilterPasses - radiosityRenderPasses - radiosityIntensity - zwriteThreshold - detailMaps - leedsShininessMult - neoShininessMult - neoSpecularityMult - envShininessMult - envSpecularityMult - envPower - envFresnel - sunGlare - just see my feature PR. ps2ModulateBuilding - World Effect Dual Pass Render - Yeah, it's done, thanks to ren712 PS2 Alpha Test not even start yet Grass dualPassGrass - it overrides by dual pass render. grassBackfaceCull - grassAddAmbient - grassFixPlacement - only can do it via modify the mta engine ps2ModulateGrass - Shadows pedShadows - stencilShadows - Misc disableClouds - disableGamma - neoWaterDrops(xbox rain postfx) - neoBloodDrops - transparentLockon - lightningIlluminatesWorld - toogle timecyc lighting on world object. fixPcCarLight - coronaZtest - ? partially works, however this will breaks and bugs up the other corona's ztesting in mta. needs to work on a new solution. fixShadows - Special Misc FX (Unique addon by nurupo) vehicleClassicFx Show VC/III liked vehicle big headlight and light trails when you rotate the screen vehicleTrailLength Length of light trails (buffered frame) vehicleTrailDrawDist What distance should trails start visiable? vehicleHeadLightAlpha Alpha multiplier for head light vehicleRearLightAlpha Alpha multiplier for rear light buildingExtraBrightness Multiplier for building extra brightness vehicleExtraBrightness Multiplier for building extra brightness stochasticFilter Make repeative texture look better, ported from Valdir da Costa Júnior Bugs/Issue Sun can see through by walls -> Due to zTest disabled fixed by manually re-create sun from shader, thanks to Ren712 Element garbage collection for vehicle classic fx
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