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~|RWS|~ Real World Simulator Server ~ Now Open !!


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Hello all ,





After a work of about two and a half years

His new dazzling hero RWS brings back your surreal simulator world

.. returned to come back with creativity and excellence

He returned to be at the top again ....

The RWS crew announces the official launch of the server after it has been programmed with the best image,

We could not complete it as required due to lack of programming staff so you may find some shortcomings

We will continue to work to be the best

* The server went out of the ordinary in several aspects and most important [design] .. It features an "exclusive and beautiful"

* Different jobs are available to make money with ideas close to reality, so you can work as a policeman in the city to maintain security, or to drain to the countryside where it works as a farmer to plant various types of plants and then sell them, in addition to various functions such as the handler, the miner, lumber and truck driver. You will discover it yourself!

* You can buy and sell easily.

* Car shows are available for all types of vehicles.

* Comprehensive control of vehicles in simple and smooth ways.

* You can easily buy or rent homes. A sophisticated house system is available with exclusive ideas, and it is easy to control homes.

* Gangs can now occupy areas where hostages are held away from the police and other gangs!

* You can buy tickets for you and your friends from the city airport for trips.

* When you do something contrary, you will be registered an issue that leads to your imprisonment for a certain period.

* Hospitals are available and treatment will be available soon to diseases that may be caused by eating unhealthy food or otherwise!

* You must maintain your health by eating food and drinking drinks

And many more discovered through your visit to the server

And this {a few of a few} of many ..!
Much remains to be done.

The server is under management
AL ~ SaYeD

We are honored to visit you and hope you will be impressed




Here are some pictures of the windows inside the server
Here is a simple video filmed by someone inside the server (sorry video in Arabic)
Sorry if there are any language errors

All Rights Reserved For RWS

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