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I want to start developing modules to change the way mta sa runs. I basically want to make a ragdoll module for pedestrians and players. To do this I would need the ml_base.so file, or the ml_devkit, whatever is used to make your own modules. I cannot seem to download this because the download is blocked because of stupid certificates. I'm wondering if anyone could give me a copy of the module development kit. If you would, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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On 09/08/2017 at 04:32, </Mr.Tn6eL> said:

You can add a dialog before joined the server like Google Play

What would that dialog say? "Would you like to run this plugin? It may destroy your computer? [Yes] [No]"

There's no easy way to judge whether code is 'good' or 'bad'. On Android, code runs in a fairly protected sandbox (unless you root your phone) so it can't do anything too nefarious. A native plugin on Windows could do pretty much anything - from deleting all your files, to exploiting the OS to install a rootkit - and there's no way to really detect this ahead of time.

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