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I'm pretty sure all you need to do is assign a material of a specific name to the plate geometry. You should open up a standard GTASA model and check the license plate there. Its also worth mentioning that you need two faces - one for the background of the plate (like LS plate, SF plate, LV plate) and another face for the actual auto-generated number.

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The most obvious and best way would be to edit the dff files and add a license plate with these two materials:

  • carpback - the background of the carplate, depending on the location the car is created in this will show an LS, LV, etc. license plate
  • carplate - the actual letters of the carplate, this will show the 8 character license plate the car is assigned

Now if you don't have access to the models, can't model etc. there would be a different way.
As long as the model has a material for any kind of license plate you could use a shader to replace that with anything you want, that said you could use e.g. a HD license plate background and use a render target and dxDrawText to draw the license plate text onto that, then apply it to the model with a shader.

This second way will work, however it's a good bit of scripting and could potentially have quite an impact on performance.

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