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Just a few days ago I was playing GTA online, after just finishing one of those 4 player missions and being warped back to freeroam a hacker was able to warp every single player to one location and kill us all, seriously Rockstar, SERIOUSLY? A remote player being able to change your position is absolutely ridiculous. I was able to identify another 23 problems including major desync of up to 30 seconds of complete desync.

GTA V online will never compete with MTA because GTA V because if you take away the amazing graphics you're left with a buggy game ruined by cheaters. Rockstar must take no pride in their work, they're a billion dollar company who could fix all these bugs within 1 day yet make no attempt to do so, even though GTA V has been out for years. GTA V single player is great, GTA online is great too if you've got some friends that you can play private missions with (to avoid cheaters and overpowered players who will constantly attack you for no reason) but it will never be anything like MTA.

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