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Modding [Chair]


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Hello guys!

Again i tried to make model. I tried to make "old style chair". Yes, i am not that professional but i am going slowly and trying to learn modding nicely. I am not able to create models fast because of exams. I will be off till 27th January. I wanted to show you guys my latest piece of work. Hope you like it.




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11 hours ago, aka Blue said:

I see some errors, like, the top of the chair is not aligned correctly.

And, why you use cinema 4d? I think that 3dsmax is better for GTA:SA modding.

I don't like 3ds MAX maybe? And one more reason is i don't find a good tutorial class video on youtube for 3Ds Max. Also, i can't find its newest version for free. They ask money and i just can't pay xD.


9 hours ago, CodyL said:

Yes it is a car I made, and yes 3ds max is much much better.

Awesome :o and i stated the reason of 3Ds max above.


6 hours ago, Enrico said:

Good for begginer...Good Luck for learning 

Thanks a lot :)

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