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set player position inside a vehicle


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No, i mean setting the x,y,z position. Gor example: I enter in a vehicle and set the z position of the player +10. Then the player will not inside the vehicle anymore, because its on the top of the vehicle. But it can still drive the car untin he exit from the car.

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I don't think that's possible but you can do a workaround:

Create a ped (dummy) and attach it on the vehicle with specific offset (so in your case, Z => 10) and set its animation to be like he's sitting in a car or whatever you'd like. Next, set your alpha to 0 and you're done. I can do an example, but not now.

Functions/events would be:



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Because I can't edit my post (This) (I didn't test this example, but it should work):

-- Server side script

local g_Offset = {0,0,2} -- Your offset (How far from vehicle it should be) (X, Y, Z)
local lPeds = {} -- Here we store peds of players

function onEnter(lPlayer)
	local lVehicleX, lVehicleY, lVehicleZ = getElementPosition(source) -- Get vehicle's position
	lPeds[lPlayer] = createPed(getElementModel(lPlayer),lVehicleX,lVehicleY,lVehicleZ) -- Create our dummy
	attachElements(lPeds[lPlayer],source,g_Offset[1],g_Offset[2],g_Offset[3]) -- Attach our dummy to the car with offset
	-- You can set your own animation here
	setPedAnimation(lPeds[lPlayer],"car","sit_relaxed") -- Set our dummy's animation
	setElementAlpha(lPlayer,0) -- Hide us
addEventHandler("onVehicleEnter",root,onEnter) -- When player sits in the car

function onStartExit(lPlayer)
	setElementAlpha(lPlayer,255) -- Set alpha back
	destroyElement(lPeds[lPlayer]) -- Destroy our dummy
addEventHandler("onVehicleStartExit",root,onStartExit) -- When you press to exit the car

You can edit the script however you want.

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