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  • MTA Team

Welcome to our support section.

Before you ask a question, please make sure you have done the following:

- Check the Known Issues thread. This thread contains the most common problems with MTA.

- Use the Search function.

Please make sure that you include all relevant data, such as:

- detailed information about the error

- a description of what is visually shown on screen

- any error noises you may hear (dings, etc)

- maybe a screenshot if possible

- how often the error occurs

- your system specs (including operating system)

- which version of the game and executable you are running

- your location

Please note that :

- extensive text markup like CAPS, big letters, or colors are not appreciated.

- if you ask a question that has been asked/answered many times before that your post will get trashed!

- We appreciate it if your topic title tells people what is inside, to help get your problem solved and to help those in the future with the same problem.

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