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GUI Options

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How about some options in the GUI for the following?

:arrow: weather/no weather

:arrow: cheats enabled/disabled

:arrow: number of players

:arrow: game mode

:arrow: starting location

:arrow: Shoreside Vale bridge up/down/synched

:arrow: certain types of weapons disabled/enabled

:arrow: anything else I didn't think of.

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if the team/devs/mods think it's a good idea it'll be put to vote in 3 weeks where hence it will be decided whether your ideas are a helping factor to our cos, or if you are infact, trying to slow us down, if it pass's they will be implemented in v.4 and or v.5 no garenty's.

have a nice day

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Of course "options" is a good thing, but mayby for a far later version. Plz, let them finsh at least 0.3b before they take this ideas in mind :P

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