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pc reboots when loading

Guest majinsnake

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I attempt to connect to a server american or non american and mta starts to load it then makes my PC reboot on it's own. I assume it uses 100% of the computer to try to run program. I had same problems a year ago with Battlefield 1942, before i upgraded ram/video card. Playing battlefield i was only able to game about 20 minutes and it froze my system or rebooted it. I know my processor is terrible... which is probably giving me the problem. Maybe next MTA version might resolve it.

Intel Celeron 2.4

Radeon 9600 pro 128 mb

Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1

512 Ram.

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ah, i generally used the older radeon drivers for performance in games like the one mentioned above. Just like nvidia has with there older cards to newer drivers... making the game play slower. I shall see if i can play now since i unticked that "automatically reboot" . If not, i may update the video card.

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Well updated video drivers and the control panel of radeon. Some reason the driver disabled Fast Write for SMARTGART. Before that and trying to connect i received not enough video memory... even with settings set to performance. So after enabling Fast Write i got the game to load. Started game then multi grand theft auto. When it loads the whole screen for your game once you hit start , I get this error. Tried connecting to other servers to see if that would work... no go. Well scrolled through boards on same error, found i may need to change Game Information to 1.0 instead of 1.1

Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage. (Delay = 10 sec)

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