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GTA3 MTA Help!

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Hey..i know this is a noobish question..but i tried to join a game..and it gives me this error

ERROR:CRC failed blahblahblah GTA3\models\gta3.dir

please reinstall mta or gta as some of your files have been alted..

yet i havnt touched any of the files..if i do need to install the patch..i dont have the original .exe..i have a no cd crack because i lent my friend the game so we could play mta..this sucks..can anyone help?

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This could be one of two things:

1. You installed some mods for single player. Solution: Reinstall GTA3.

2. You don't have GTA3 installed in the default location and you didn't specify the new location when you installed MTA, thus it's looking for the files in the wrong place. Solution: Reinstall MTA and make sure it's set to the correct directory in the installer.

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I did install 2 skins with the IMG tool...but thats it..would that matter??

Bingo. There's your problem.

MTA does not currently support the use of mods or other enhancements. If you still want to use your skins, you will have to install GTA a second time (in a different directory) and use that for MTA.

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ok...i reinstalled and it started to work...but just before i get in the game BEEP and it stops...i can see the server rules and whatever people were saying...but it makes the unhandled exception beep noise...anyone know the problem....im still not v1.1 though...so im guessin that might be it..but id rather ask the experts LOL

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ok i got 1.1 installed...but i needed a no cd crack..so i dled 2 different ones...anyway...before i even had a chance to install them..i had to rename them to gta3.exe of course..anyway now..i cant move either files...or delete them...it says something else is using them...so i went into safe mode and pressed control alt delete...there are no processes running that shouldnt be..and i cant delete either of the no cd cracks...so i decided fuck it and i delete MTA and GTA...EVERYTHING...i went into search...searched gta3...it only finds both these .exe files..but i cant delete them...and nothing is using them...so can someone help me out..lol this is my last question...all i wanna do is delete them

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