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I need to now how to add a avatar to my name? Im looking for a testing forum or somthing but i cant find it. Maybe if you dont have one could you add it. Also could someone help me out with the avatar? I looked at the fag it didnt tell me how to.

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Yea but theres no like browse button how do i get them off of my computer and stuff? like what would i put in that box

also if you want some cool a$$ cars and stuff to download check this out

http://www.gta.neostrada.pl/ its in a diffent language but its cool sorry about the advertising

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uploading your avatar is as easy as getting a webhost which supports external file linking (public html directories etc) and upload it there.

I know im the LAST person who should be giving this advice considering my stupid pic never seems to work ;-)

Please dont do things like WRITE IN CAPS or ~=-=-=-~=-=-=_~+_= etc to get our attention, the mods go through every thread for new posts, and if we dont, chances are a regular will.


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