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hello i have problem! when i log out when i'm jumping or when i'm flying with superman and then connecting it doesn't set the camera target me but when i'm in ground it works well


function savesystem() 
local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( source ) 
if ( playeraccount ) then 
local playermoney = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "s.HandMoney" ) 
if ( playermoney ) then 
setPlayerMoney ( source, playermoney ) 
local playerInt = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.int") 
local playerDim = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.dim")   
--local playerSkin = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.skin") 
local playerX = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.x") 
local playerY = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.y") 
local playerZ = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.z") 
local playerRot = getAccountData (playeraccount, "s.rot") 
spawnPlayer(source, playerX, playerY, playerZ, playerRot, 0, playerInt, playerDim) 
for slot = 1, 12 do 
local wep = getAccountData ( account, "save-wep".. slot ) 
local ammo = getAccountData ( account, "save-ammo".. slot ) 
giveWeapon ( source, wep, ammo )     
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root,savesystem) 

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