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Stargate - in MTA - SG4MTA 1.0 - WiP - Screens + Download


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Hello everone.

I'm back and i presenting my "biggest" update of my gamemode - SG4MTA (older Stargate in MTA, Stargate MTA SA).I tell you, in code (script) is added one new SG type, but it is now buggy and i decided better will do one "Galaxy" and next second..Currently still working on it, and there is much to work. But i fixed all bugs and it is with 0 bugs now*.

The changelog of this version is huge and big, and i still adding new items here.If you want to try it on your local server, i will give here url link to download**.

Download link (MEGA ; 43MB): https://mega.co.nz/#!poIFyA4C!jYvwEi-xYZ_jW3eNWuKHHP1h77cPvsgltrmaE8hq1ek

Here are some screens of completed things and worlds:

URL to Gallery with all screenshots : http://postimg.org/gallery/12xrexcnc/

(Some times for some words i used Google Translator :) )

*0 bugs what i found. And it is tested only in local server where was only 1 player - me

**Downloaded version is marked by few things like 7th symbol is red, in F3 is writted Downloaded, and nonstop it repeating in chat its download version (every 4-6mins), and it is compiled in LUAC

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