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[HELP] 3D Sound multiple sound


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Hello peeps, I want to make a simple sound script for an interior, so there is 1 song playing and looping.

function playCasinoMusic() 
    sound = playSound3D("cazinomusic.mp3", 2236.4619140625, 1631.5, 1008.359375, true) 
    if sound then 
        setElementDimension(sound, 806) 
        setElementInterior(sound, 1) 
        setSoundVolume(sound, 70) 
        setSoundMaxDistance(sound, 100) 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(), playCasinoMusic) 

The problem is that the sound stars playing, like 2-3 times on top of each other...

Any ideas?

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