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[REL] Gr0x's autoshade tool for DM mappers


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It was boring to make these shades to cover the ugly stuff one by one, so i decided to make a little resource to handle it.







- Start the resource

- Press Shift + G

- Select the options you want

- Close the gui (By pressing Shift + G again)

- Press F to enable your cursor

- Select an object (Only the 3 "bigger" shades are supported)

- Press the defined key (Default: G)

- The shades are created.

Note: I made it for myself, so I didn't plan to release it since the code is pretty bad, but some of my friends asked me to do so.

I used Arezu's rotation functions from AMT to make it work, thanks for that.

If you find a bug, just leave a comment.


https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=11680

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