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you need the Max Script in 3Ds Max Studio for converter the object to dff (GTA: SA) it is a long process, because you need vertex gets everything right to converter without bugs.

This can delay with form your experience with 3ds, are new.


Você vai precisa do Max Script, no 3Ds Max para converter o objeto para .dff (GTA:SA), o processo é longo por causa que será necessário arruma a vertex do objeto criar colisão, textura arruma os políginos ajeitar o objeto ao tamanho certo e etc...

Este processo pode demorar conforme sua experiencia com 3ds, ser você é novato com 3ds ate ser acostuma demora,

com tempo voce pega pratica e fica mais bom e rápido!

Tenho um amigo que ele meche no 3ds, fale com ele tao vez ele te ajuda!


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Does anyone know a good website where i can find custom models for example walls , floors and so on.

I tried searching in Game modding but found nothing.


Probably is the best site web because 90% of model are .obj or .3ds with complete texture, easy convert for MTAsa.

If u need help i can.

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Thanks a lot HunT I would really appreciate it if you could add me on skype and teach me how to do this.

My skype is xeon-sdk

Also thank you MrBugsFive for trying to help me but i haven't understood you and my portuguese isn't so good.

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