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Wtf dat problem ...? Help !!!




My nick is AxeR and i have problems with MTA DD. 3 Months ago i bought pc

Intel® Core i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.20GHz


Windows: 8.1 Professionel

Nvidia Ge Force 750 GTX Ti

After 2 months from buying pc,i start lagging. Problem is when i play MTA DD gamemode in scoreboard it show fps 51 but i lag like it would be 20

Moust interesting is that i lag in dd+race+shooter... i didnt tryed all.

But in other gamemodes like freeroam or DM i dont lag, even in my other high games like LoL , Gta5 ,WoW.. i have 0 lag

i formated pc before days,but i still have same problem (i have alreaddy anti-virus)(in gta:sa no lag)

help please...

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On behalf of AxeR, i am writing this.. The screenshots of Global settings are as following,

* http://imgur.com/s0Ye6cb

* http://imgur.com/PM8qHAX

After his request i went through his issue, and found weird things like when in a server with DD/DM/Shooter mode we make FPS limit 100, his lag vanishes.. but as we low down the FPS limit i-e 55 mostly in DD, he starts lagging.. Second thing I figured out that its his Screen lag, changing resolutions also show difference like he use 1280x800 in which he feel screen lag, but as we go over 1980x his lag little bit reduces which sounds totally strange to me... So i think now maybe you guys can give a better suggestion to what to do..




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Hey, 2 years has passed and i still have this :~ problem :( Please help me... it's only in mta... i have played many other games but i just loved mta dd, i liked to play dd cw's on my free time, well the :~ thing that: i had old bad laptop, lagging fps 30, i bought new pc, then after sometime i got this screenlag and it's worse than fps lag... now i can't buy new monitor because my family will refuse... no way to fix this problem :( ? i miss mta dd and my friends on it...


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