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[ ! ] Need a Scripter (Paying 50$ by Paypal) [ ! ]


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Hello MTA Scripters.


I would need a scripter to create a server for me that is about RUNNING/PARKOUR. The players are lined up next to each other in 2-3 rows. They wait for the 3,2,1 GO countdown before starting and basically just run from point A to point B.



It's of crucial importance to have the same toptimes box on the right side of the screen. The same timer is also needed and on the right side you can see the times the others have done. This is the most important thing I would like added to the server.

Player Speed

As you can see on the video, players look pretty fast, it's not sped up. It's because we spam the sprint button like crazy.

That needs to stay the same BUT I would like to have a stamina limit added. let's say 15 seconds of full speed running before the character gets tired that would be awesome. (+10$ bonus if you manage that)

Extra arena

A BMX arena. So upon entering the server players can decide whether to go to RUN or BMX arena.

Example: http://i.snag.gy/k0S3u.jpg

If you're interesting in scripting this for me please PM me with the following message:




Availability ./10:

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