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Crash when downloading - KERNELBASE.dll


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Hello everyone... I have a 1 serious problem with my shop/marketplace system for DAYZ. The shops/marketplaces all in all uses 18 resources and makes a huge Marketplace which is located in Navy Ship - SF. In each resource there are that type of items categories different. I mean, like primary weapons marketplace system has locals, images, button and other like the same but with other names... Well, I have created shops/marketplaces by myself and everything is working, but... When I come to play, join my server and download resources/files - MB... I get a crash KERNELBASE.dll... The problem might be the background images of shops/marketplaces. So, I am going to delete all background images here and see if there is no crash... What do you think? Each resource of 18 use about 70-150 locals, 15-30 images, etc. Can it cause a crash?

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I tried to remove all images (crashes sometimes were evaded when downloading) but still it made downloading very slow. Looks like it is impossible to do something to evade crashes and have a perfect Marketplace. So, I have removed the Marketplace and now there are no problems. It is sad that I had to do it... For people, who think that Marketplace is possible to create without having any problems like my - they are wrong. Each resource of Marketplace makes lag and slows downloading, when there are like more than 15 - it can crash your game.

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