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Guys, is there any resource which creates a meta.xml from the folder's files?

I mean like, there's a folder called files, i put 3 files, a DFF,TXD,COL and the generator creates an XML file, and adds all the files to it like:

Like in ModLoader resource, automaticly generates the META file from the files.

Is there any resource like that?

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Actually when you are dealing with 30-50+ files, it would be much easier to use a tool instead. I created a simple program that will get the job done for you in a couple of seconds.

The program:


Output of the meta file:


Setting the folder ( so the files will be inside a folder in the resource directory ) in settings.txt:


Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/5e07 ... 432041177/

Download link:


How to use it:

Just download and extract the folder. Place all the files in the "files" folder and run the exe. A meta.xml file will be created in the root directory of the folder.

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