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How to get a random data from a gridlist?


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Hello, everyone! As I asked above, how can I get a random data from a gridlist? Well, I have a gridlist and 3 columns. First one is something like id. It is ordering the rows one by one. I can choose one of them randomly by math.random. I can randomly choose a row by that id which is first column. Now, I want to get the second column's data which is in the same row with the number that I randomly found via 1st column. How can I do it? Thanks in advance.

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Well, I know this but I can not really use it. Here's my code:

function getInfoVehlib(data) 
    local row = guiGridListAddRow(Tickets) 
    griditems = guiGridListGetRowCount(Tickets) 
    for i,ticketitems in ipairs(data) do 
        guiGridListSetItemText(Tickets, row, 1, griditems, false, false) 
        guiGridListSetItemText(Tickets, row, 2, ticketitems[1], false, false) 
        guiGridListSetItemText(Tickets, row, 3, ticketitems[2], false, false) 
addEvent("sendTicketInfo", true) 
addEventHandler("sendTicketInfo", getRootElement(), getInfoVehlib) 
function drawGui() 
    local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() 
    main = guiCreateWindow((screenW - 466) / 2, (screenH - 370) / 2, 466, 370, "Enkanet's System", false) 
    guiWindowSetSizable(main, false) 
    Tickets = guiCreateGridList(14, 31, 442, 236, false, main) 
    local number = guiGridListAddColumn(Tickets, "#", 0.08) 
    local biletNumarasi = guiGridListAddColumn(Tickets, "Ticket Number", 0.3) 
    local biletSahibi = guiGridListAddColumn(Tickets, "Ticket Owner", 0.6) 
    closeBtn = guiCreateButton(253, 277, 203, 42, "Close", false, main) 
    rastgeleBtn = guiCreateButton(14, 277, 203, 42, "Random Player", false, main) 
    odulMemo = guiCreateMemo(54, 329, 402, 31, "", false, main) 
    odulLabel = guiCreateLabel(14, 333, 40, 21, "Prize:", false, main) 
    addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", closeBtn, function() guiSetVisible(main, false) end) 
    addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", rastgeleBtn,  
    local luckyboy = math.random(1, griditems) -- Here I get the 1st column's data. 
    triggerServerEvent("getTickets", resourceRoot) 
addEvent("drawGui", true) 
addEventHandler("drawGui", root, drawGui)  

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If you can random from 1st id's, do it. You'll get row id, which is good. Then, use


Oh, thanks lol. I'll try it.. (Glad to see clever boys around here lol.)

Dimos7 often doesn't understand what topic's maker wants to do. :)

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