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Hello MTA today I'm scripting arresting script and when I hit a player with nightstick he's transported to the prison wiht 4 corners, it's like a room but for that I need to get X Y Z position from where and to where you can't use weapons and text like "140 seconds left" is shown, is there a good video how to take positions or something? If anyone is ready to come in my server and show me how to do it ill be very happy!

Part of the script:

local prisonCells = { 
    {3424.6467285156,93.191673278809,16.86874961853}, -- Spawn point in the prison 
local releasePoint = {2127.6013183594,2364.1135253906,10.8203125} -- Release point  
local vert1 = {3485.0334472656,-3.6232004165649,9.3687496185303} -- First left corner 
local vert2 = {3368.0390625,183.78581237793,30.06875038147} -- Second right corner 
    local w = vert2[1] - vert1[1] 
    local h = vert2[2] - vert1[2] 
    local d = vert2[3] - vert1[3] 

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