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Hii there , how to add water into some interior ? i want to make custom interior ( swimming pool )


Functions Needed:

createWater: WIKI LINK

setElementInterior: WIKI LINK


Use createWater to create a body of water. Define it under a variable, then use setElementInterior to set it's interior !


local water = createWater(x1, y1, height, x2, y2, height, x3, y3, height, x4, y4, height) 

Where: Z coordonate needs to be always the same, otherwise weird things will happed (i think). Just change HEIGHT with a number

Where: x1, y1 = South West Coordonates

Where: x2, y2 = South East Coordonates

Where: x3, y3 = North West Coordonates

Where: x4, y4 = North East Coordonates

setElementInterior(water, INTERIOR_ID) 

Where: INTERIOR_ID is the ID of the interior you want it to be !

Don't forget to also set the dimension if it is in another than 0

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