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NormalTextColour property


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-_- Hex only contains 6 characters.

Hexadecimal has no limit to the amount of characters.

EDIT: In mathematical theory, not in practice of course.

In this case the HEX strings are 2 characters long, and there's a string of 3 or 4 depending on if Alpha is included. Each 2 character string is 0-F with A-F representing the numbers 10-15. By translating this you can convert HEX into more readable numbers by multiplying each individual character by 16 to the power of the digit representing how far it is from the last character, like so:


F = 15, A = 10

F = 15*(16^1) = 240

A = 10*(16^0) = 10

F+A = 250.

Now, colours are often represented by a 0-255 value (00-FF in HEX) because a single byte of data (2^8) can represent a value anywhere from 0 to 255, depending on the bits.

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