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Hey guys!

Well, today this isn't a broken script, it's a broken ACL :o.

I started the server file as usual, and it was loading. Almost straight away, it came up with 'Error parsing the ACL (Access Control List) file. Or something like that and the server closed. I thought this was odd because I hadn't edited the ACL file. I decided to open it, and this is what I saw:


and it went on for quite a while. (the null text was surrounded by a black box)

I then went to see the backups of the ACL, and they were all completly blank, and some even went up to a thousand lines long, with no text.

I decided to open MTA server again, and it then said 'Couldn't parse meta file for resource "mods" '.

In the metal file, it also came up with:


It hasen't happened since, every time I open MTA server, it just gives me the error of 'Couldn't parse meta file for resource "mods" '.

and the same with acl.

I can easily replace these files, but I was wondering if this was something to worry about? It's never happened to me before, and feels strange!

Any help would be appreciated!



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