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Download Progress: 0B of 21.54kB it says minute after minute until it times out disconnecting me saying

[2015-03-30 21:37:53] DIAGNOSTIC: user~ #1006 External HTTP file download error:Error downloading requested files. Timeout was reached. [Resolving timed out after 10000 milliseconds] [ms/client.luac] (Reconnecting with internal HTTP)

this should be a file replacement from my remote host. But it never gets to the internal upload because I am disconnected. I reconnect and it does the same thing again. On MTA 7096 can't update due to graphical errors on newer versions of MTA. It is my server... Solutions?

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This error seen in 7096 is not fatal, it fails to show download completion only. The download does complete in due course, but alas leaves them with no conclusion, no resocking of the client to join the game. If the user leaves then comes back they have the resource loaded and can resume playing normally. Annoying for an on server upgrade involving client side data from a remote host, but not fatal.

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