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  1. This error seen in 7096 is not fatal, it fails to show download completion only. The download does complete in due course, but alas leaves them with no conclusion, no resocking of the client to join the game. If the user leaves then comes back they have the resource loaded and can resume playing normally. Annoying for an on server upgrade involving client side data from a remote host, but not fatal.
  2. problem is gone with 7161 thanks
  3. Is acl highly redundant? Is this required? This gives Admins all rights to acl name Admin powers as well as subordinate powers? to reduce redundancy? correct? Subordinates listed here as moderator and so on, then why do all groups have the slap command if it is to reduce redundancy to list subordinate groups in Admin? <group name="Admin"> <acl name="Moderator"></acl> <acl name="SuperModerator"></acl> <acl name="Admin"></acl> <acl name="RPC"></acl> either it is redundant to list those acl names above or for each, for example, to have the slap command listed within, so which is it?
  4. Download Progress: 0B of 21.54kB it says minute after minute until it times out disconnecting me saying [2015-03-30 21:37:53] DIAGNOSTIC: user~ #1006 External HTTP file download error:Error downloading requested files. Timeout was reached. [Resolving timed out after 10000 milliseconds] [ms/client.luac] (Reconnecting with internal HTTP) this should be a file replacement from my remote host. But it never gets to the internal upload because I am disconnected. I reconnect and it does the same thing again. On MTA 7096 can't update due to graphical errors on newer versions of MTA. It is my server... Solutions?
  5. ALSCI Tool found only one similarly named texture sunitwin01_la and does not appear to identify their model numbers. How do I find texture model numbers?
  6. Confirmed by the downgrade of my second pc to 7096 solving the problem there as well.
  7. It's okay a downgrade to 7096 fixed the problem which seems to be linked to this resource I have been using forever and has always worked just fine: https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=5524
  8. I don't like being insulted. And don't presume asking open ended questions makes you seem right. It just makes you seem vacant. Like one of those people who replies in chats with "???" Insults are wrong in all cases and I don't like seeing something I like acting wrongly.
  9. It does this if the files fail to match... for any reason. Doesn't need to be a real reason. Doesn't need to be an error of anykind on your part. It just does it once in a long while for me. There should be an absolutely not button for this function. I'd rather loose the new player, or see them not have a function, than force the rest to suffer my upload.
  10. Is there a reason for this careless disregard for efficiency? Archiving's greatest purpose is to overcome short falls in transferring data. unzip time seems a small price to pay in minutes to make downloads that might be an hour or more half as long, doesn't it? Why isn't the best format of archiving possible such as 7zip or even good old zip format supported through to the client? Half the download, twice the start up time just once. Why not?
  11. I am running 7152 and noticed a really irritating graphics flash like the dx9 is falling apart on the rear window of all my stock gta cars, that have a few long proven shine shaders going. My other machine is running 7096 and has no problem, then i upgraded that machine to 7156 and suddenly it has the exact same problem. This just me? anyone else getting flashy windows?
  12. MTA-7096 I read the instructions and set my first httpdownloadurl. There is no trailing slash/ it all worked perfectly, I uploaded then through MTA downloaded my resources from my remote host three times on the same lan from three separate computers each had very fast downloads of about 4 minutes and not the 15 seconds it took when the resources were local. A user joined and completed the download in four minutes also, measured from join to login with little to no upload from my home server. Then another user joined and suddenly my upload is maxed for 20 minutes while this single user downloads, I presume, my entire clientside resource from me. What has happened and how do i prevent this from accessing my server's copies of those resources, which were required to not have the server show massive missing file errors, but rather download the client side from the higher power remote host as this httpdownloadurl function promised? As it did do for me constantly and one other
  13. So zipping it serves absolutely no purpose. The upload/download for my 150mb worth of zipped resources is always 334mb total throughput and not 150mb. True or False?
  14. http://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/h ... unter.html This Halo 4 helicopter has a perfectly large stock helicopter, the Hunter, shadow underneath it, mocking its perfection, exhibiting its creator's lack of knowledge of the volumetric shadow option. Before I add it to my MTA server I need to remove this shadow entirely or replace it with one of no significance perhaps the RC Bandit..I can see the shadow in Zmodeler, a program with which I have some experience, and can open it in GMax, a program I have no experience with. I'd prefer to mod it in ZModeler but anytime i do MTA Server returns error that the the .dff file is invalid, and inspection tells me 500KB are missing from an 800KB file so it seems the file is broken by using ZModeler... I want to remove or replace the shadow, how? It is not a locked file
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