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SAQG:RPG // MTA:SA Server.


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemens.

I'd like to invite everyone on MTASA to join SAQG:RPG Server (San Andreas Quality Gaming).

You'll really enjoy the server and have fun as we are using awesome scripts and good members. Don't forget to register on our forums too : www.saqgrpg.com & Here's Server IP (mtasa://

For Any Questions or anything, Feel free to PM me here on forums or add me or the server owner on Skype.

My Skype : hamoody5000 (M7mod/Collinear)

Onwer's Skype :linus111560 (Swipe/Lichen)

Hope to see you in the server and i hope you will have fun.

Regards, SAQG:RPG Team.

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