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Reload Time[HELP]


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I tried this but doesnt work, sawn off still reloads same as Normal

function ReloadWep() 
    for i, player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do 
      local weaponSlot0 = getPedWeapon( player )   
      if    weaponSlot0 == 26    then   
      if  reloadPedWeapon ( player )  then 
      setWeaponProperty(26, "std", "flag_anim_reload_long", 75) 
addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), ReloadWep) 

I get bad argument @ 'SetWeaponproperty' expected bool at argument 4, got number '75'

again, I'm trying to make sawn off reloading time takes longer time than usual!

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