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What is this problem? İDK


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This error means that one player tries to change another's element data. It's not an "error" as such, just a warning that the corresponding onElementDataChange was cancelled, and element data was not changed. To avoid such problems you should change element data through server or the client whose element data you're changing. One client cannot change another's data, only it's own.

If you are not interested in having to edit the race game mode's codes, there is a way to get rid of these errors, but a the same time you make your server less secure. I am not sure if this is possible to get rid of "Race Security" errors, but you definitely can get rid of "Admin Security" errors; go into admin panel settings (Admin panel > Resources > Double click on 'admin') and lower the securitylevel setting (2 = All checks | 1 = Some checks | 0 = No checks). Setting this to 0 (or 1) should get rid of (most) "Admin Security" "errors."

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