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[SELL] WallHack Admin!


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hello guys i made wallhack script for admins you just type /wallon and /walloff you can change it to what ever you want

i sell this script for 2 euros you can go to this website multimodes.enjin.com register and then donate and i'll add you friend and i'll send you link to download it

here's a screen shot for the script it works 10/10


peace out

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1) i made that script for LoD, you can ask "Donna" shoe knows my sis Ren who was co-owner of LoD

2) when I made for them didn't have the yellow text showing the fps and ping of the player

3) the layout was totally different when i made it for them so it couldn't have been from them

4) it matches mine exact

5) wuuut? stop trying to hide it dude lol you been caught

6) i know that NightMare dude and his "gang"

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