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  1. Thanks for help i have tried doing some tests and it works all fine now ^^ i love render targets
  2. Thanks for help i've done some tests and i love render targets!
  3. okay thanks i'll try but umm render targets have width and height only as far as i seen.. what are x,y positions and how do i alter them or how do i know where is render target located at?
  4. Thanks for reply. I've made one topic already regarding render targets, but nobody answered. I would really appreciate if you, or someone else could explain to me what exactly are render targets, how are they used(with example if you got time to show the example) and when do they become useful c: Sorry if i am asking too much, it's just that i don't understand how does it work nor what happens after dxSetRenderTarget() with no arguments is called, and what happens when e.g i do dxSetRenderTarget(something,true).. So if you, or someone can explain to me this things about render targets and what they are, it would make it easier for me to start working on them, and learning how to work with them
  5. hey if i wanted to make say some sort of gridlist(did it already but it always loops through tables and its really stupid imo) which has images,rectangles,etc not just texts and had some columns for instance, how could i make it so that when i scroll with mouse that everything moves? just like on the scoreboard is there a way to have a rectangle or something and if anything is outside it that it doesnt get rendered because its cut off or something? i would appreciate some help
  6. hey what are render targets? how do i use them? how can they help me, or be useful in some way? how do they work? i don't get it..
  7. hi i have a question and i need your help to tell me which script would be better at performance if we have table with 1000 indexes with some data, and we needed only 25 indexes of data,which would be faster? 1. function myFunction() for i,v in pairs(table) do if i <= 25 then outputChatBox(tostring(v)) end end end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,myFunction) 2. (i think this one is better at performance) function myFunction() for i = 1,25 do outputChatBox(tostring(table[i)) end end addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,myFunction) i think that first method would be catastrophic because it would loop 1000 indexes 60 times a second,while second method would loop only 25 indexes 60 times a second,am i correct??
  8. hey I see popular servers like FFS-GAMING are able to instantly, or within minutes give people donator status as soon as they've donated any money How would you detect in mta if somebody sent you money like this?
  9. it works when i get my ipv4 aaddress using cmd and connect to that ip with port 22003 but its not showing in local server tab..
  10. hi i got a problem that my virtual machine cant see my local server started on my real computer and before it could see local server and connect to it but since mta 1.5 it dont work please help
  11. Derpy

    how 3d images?

    Thanks Blaawee, you're really the best!
  12. Derpy

    how 3d images?

    I've read a little about the function which you use for this shader (dxSetShaderTransform) and it says that it can apply 3d to images, but it doesn't say anything about text. Sorry, can you please give me an example how to do 3d text when you get free time?I'm not in a hurry with this, but would like to know how to do this 3d stuff in future
  13. Derpy

    how 3d images?

    @ren i will check out the resource in couple of hours because currently i gotta go somewhere @blaawee thanks man it works, i don't know why the render stopped working in my resource before.. you're brilliant just 1 more question: is it possible to use this shader and apply it on dxDrawText too or?
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