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UTF8 Problem in Gridlist


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Hello all,

I have problem with gridlists.

Here is my table.


In my mysql table, it s supports turkish special characters but when i get data from table to gridlist it not supports turkish characters it shows ?? for turkish characters.

How can i fix it? Which collation i need to select? Or it is gridlist bug?

Thanks for help.

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Try using HTML numeral entities with in the database, in conjunction with the following function to unescape it:

function unescape(str) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '<', '<' ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '>', '>' ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '"', '"' ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, ''', "'" ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '(%d+);', function(n) return string.char(n) end ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '(%d+);', function(n) return string.char(tonumber(n,16)) end ) 
  str = string.gsub( str, '&', '&' ) -- Be sure to do this after all others 
  return str 
--Source: [url=http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14899734/unescape-numeric-xml-entities-with-lua]http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1489 ... s-with-lua[/url] 

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