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Depends a lot what you intend to use it for, gaming, work, server? Let's compare the differences step by step, as you can see, the first one uses an AMD CPU at 3.4GHz while the second one has an Intel Pentium CPU at 3.0GHz, both are dual core so none of them are really fast, and they are both cheap. AMD has half the price but I would still recommend the intel CPU as it has some more features making it more efficient than the AMD CPU.

Same amount of ram, this may be overclocked to 1600MHz in bios (optional) for a little bit better performance, that depends on the CPU thought. Same HDD, DVD-RW and chase and finally the graphics. Same thing here, not very good cards, you may be able to use 1 monitor at max resolution 2560×1600. The card may support 2 but having a digital and an analog monitor next to each others looks pretty bad. The second one is to recommend as it's a little bit newer and has 4GB graphics memory, useful if you intend to use a Litecoin miner.

Unless you have to choose something cheap I would look for another PC as both these lack in CPU and GPU performance, intel core i3, i5 and i7, from ~$200 and up will provide top performance for many years, when it comes to the graphics I assume you want to play MTA (and maybe some other games as well) with 60 FPS all the time right? I'm not familiar with AMD graphics but if you choose Nvidia graphics you should check the GTX xxx series. Nvidia are usually better with intel CPU's and AMD works better with AMD CPUs. Just an example of a proper Nvidia card would be GTX 460, that's over 5 years old now and should be relatively cheap but still, top performance in most games. Lower numbers means an older card and vice versa.

Building it yourself or let someone build it for you are also a good idea, all pieces are cheaper if bought individually and you can choose pieces that works better together without falling in traps like the lack of CPU and GPU performance in these, they may be good for basic work like editing office documents but none of these where invented for gaming.

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Well , thank you for your answer MrBrutus which i found very usefull and thanks for explaining everything. I would like to use this PC for gaming and relexing on facebook,youtube,email and similiar things. Also , i would like to play GTA V a bit :P

The graphic card is the following

http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product ... id=4217#ov

Here is the link of the computers store , http://www.mdcom.me/index.php/desktop-racunari

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For 600 € you could probably build a much better PC than these you posted.

I recently upgraded to this:

CPU: CPU AMD FX-Series FX-8320

MB: ASUS M5A97 R2.0

RAM: Crucial 8GB

CASE: Fractal Define R4

PSU: Fortron Raider 550W

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB

And it costed me 560 €. Altho I did have a Sapphire 7850 2GB GDDR5 from my previous build and 2 HDDs and 6GB of ram so I saved there(maybe you have parts you can reuse?). But you could take a weaker CPU, less expensive case and a decent Motherboard and go all in on your graphic card.

My advice is try to go to http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc and ask them to build you a PC for 600 € and state for what you need it.

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