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[REL] Live Weather Metro App


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Hey guys, i just made a small Metro-UI-Based app which tells the accurate weather of your city.





- Get weather of any city around the world (Type accurate name).

- Tells Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed and sky text.

- Automatically draws sky picture from given ones.

A v2.0 of this script is yet to come with 7-days forecast if i get enough feedback from you guys :)

NOTE: This script wont run without callRemote access, read "callRemote.txt" from archive. If anything goes wrong with my webpage from where it calls weather, contact me ASAP, you can comment in here as well, i'll fix it ASAP!

Download: community.multitheftauto.com

PHP File: I've added the PHP file in that resource archive.

NOTE: That PHP code isn't at outstanding format, i just made it stable enough and clear enough to be read-able. And its better keep copyrights under my name :) even though its just a small code.

Thank you.

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You should publish the weather php file along with the resource. This way, they won't have to rely on your website.

Also, it would be much more useful if you could somehow incorporate the real weather with GTA's.

About weather sync, i guess thats a great idea.

About PHP, thats just a 5 lines code, i'll publish it tomorrow, good night :)

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